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About Us

About Us


Cayne's The Super Housewares Store is the source of brand name products that you will use everyday for years to come. In survey after survey consumers have told us they want to buy the best brand name, however they don't want to pay department store prices.

Cayne's The Super Housewares Store is now accessible on the Internet, at anytime, from any office or home computer. Cayne's now greets new customers on-line and offers them our strength, giving our valued customers better than department store sale prices, EVERYDAY!

At Cayne's The Super Housewares Store, we continue to pave new roads to better prices and better service, both on-line and in our 25,000 square foot store location. We have gained the trust of hundred's of thousands of consumers who visit our store yearly.

Don't wait for those sales flyers every week. Enjoy on-line secured shopping now!







Always 1st Quality Always Brand Names Always warehouse Prices