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...Our Website (Secure Shopping, Shipping, and others)

How much will it cost to have my item shipped to me?

To determine shipping costs choose an item or items that you wish to purchase, click on "Order". At this point you can choose the "Calculate Shipping" tab. You will have to enter your Postal/Zip Code and the shipping charges will be displayed. At this point you can choose to check out or shop for more.

How do you ship?

Canadian orders will be delivered by Canada Post. US order will be delivered by USPS. Orders are shipped using regular ground service. If your order's destination is within Canada, you can track your parcel with the Tracking Number provided in the email sent confirming the shipment of your order.

How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?

It can take from 3 to 8 business days for the parcel to arrive. We have experienced the following;

To Toronto: 1 to 2 days
Outside Toronto within Ontario: 2 to 3 days
Outside Ontario to Central Provinces: 3 to 6 days
Coastal Provinces: 6 to 8 days
Central USA: 4 to 6 days
Coastal USA: 6 to 8 days
**These are estimated times.

How do we order an item that is in your store but not on the Website?

Not all of our in-store items are available through our Website. Many of these items are unsuitable for shipping. If there are items you would like to purchase from us that are not on the Website, please call our Customer Service Dept. at 905-764-1188 and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

How often do you add new items?

We are constantly adding new items to the site!

How do I send a gift to someone?

Enter the name, address and telephone number of the person you would like to send the gift to in the Customer Information area. Enter your email address, this will allow you to receive the receipt and all emails regarding the order. Enter your credit card information. Email info@cayneshousewares.com after you have received the receipt for the order, provide the order # and state that it is a gift, then the invoice will not be packed with the order. Make sure that the person receiving the gift knows that a parcel is coming via a courier, they will have to be home to sign for the parcel. These instructions also apply to different bill to and ship to orders.

Why a restocking fee?

Orders made online require man-power from multiple employees to process and pack parcels. The only fair way to handle returns is to have the person/company returning the merchandise pay for the wages and loss in revenue incurred by the return.

...the Automatic Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker

What should I do if the mixing paddle does not turn?

Don't worry if the mixing paddle does not turn because the freezer bowl rotates on the base not the mixing paddle.

Every time I make Ice Cream, the mixture is either too soft or not frozen. How can I prevent this from happening?

If the mixture is too soft, you should run machine longer. If the mixture is not freezing, the bowl and/or ingredients are not cold enough. Freezer should be Zero, you should freeze the freezer bowl for 24 hours.

Why is the consistency of my mixture too icy?

The ingredients are not thoroughly mixed.

How can I prevent the mixing paddle from getting stuck to the side of the mixing bowl?

Make sure that the mixture is quickly poured in the center of the lid.

Sometimes the lid on the ICE-20 does not sit properly over the base. What should I do when this happens?

If the lid is not sitting properly, make sure the mixing paddles are seated down properly. If the lid is still not sitting down properly, check to make sure the mixing paddles are not upside down.


Could you give me some suggestions about getting the best possible results with my Cuisinart cookware?

1. Watch the burner setting. This is the most important consideration when using Cuisinart cookware. Never use high heat. The cooking surface conducts heat so quickly and uniformly that high heat can cause food to burn. Use medium heat only for a few minutes until liquid is boiling or meat is browned, and then reduce the heat to complete the cooking.
Even the lowest setting on some stoves will overheat or scorch some foods, like thinly sliced onions. An inexpensive "flame-tamer" placed between the burner and the bottom of the pan solves this problem. Flame-tamers are available at most hardware stores.

Cuisinart Cookware and the Oven
   You can put Commercial Cookware, with stainless steel handles, in the oven at any temperature or under the broiler. Remember that the handle as well as the pan will become hot. Use pot holders to prevent burns.
   Original Cookware with wooden handles, can be used at oven temperatures of 350F or lower. Since all ovens tend to overheat when first turned on, allow at least 10 minutes for the oven to stabilize at the desired temperature.

 2. Choose the appropriate utensil for the food. When frying, pan-broiling, saut?ing or roasting use a pan that is just large enough to accommodate the food without crowding. If a skillet is too small, food will be crowded and it will steam rather than brown. On the other hand, if the pan is too large, the drippings on the bottom will burn and you will have no base for a sauce.

How do I remove a multi-coloured, or "rainbow" stain?

Use a little warm vinegar, or a non-abrasive cleaning powder, Stainless Steel or Metal cleaner, applied with damp sponge or soft cloth. A harmless deposit causes the stain from substances found in some water. If the stain is stubborn, make a paste of the power by mixing it with a little water and spread it on the stained areas. Allow to sit for 24 hours.

How do I remove white discolouration, or a cloudy appearance?

Use a non-abrasive cleaning powder, applied with a damp sponge or soft cloth. Certain foods like pasta and oatmeal often leave a light residue, which causes a cloudy appearance.

How do I remove black stains from food that was burned in the pan?

Try soaking the pan in warm water with a little detergent. If that doesn't work to loosen the stain, put about l inch of water in the pan and add a tablespoon of powdered dishwasher detergent. Turn on the exhaust fan of the stove, put the pan on a burner and bring the water to a boil. Reduce heat, allow the water to simmer for 15 minutes, then drain and rinse the pan. Use a sponge or plastic spatula to loosen the residue. Repeat if necessary.

Can I remove burner stains? What causes them?

Burner stains on the outside bottom (not sides) of pans can be removed with an oven cleaner. Follow the manufacturer's directions and spray or brush the cleaner on only the outside bottom of the pan. If the directions call for using the cleaner in a warm oven, heat the pan before applying the cleaner.
   Burner satins can be caused by excessive heat, by leaving a pan empty over a hot burner, or by allowing flames to come up the sides of the pan when cooking over a gas burner. Be sure when cooking with gas to allow flames to touch only the pan bottom. If flames come up the sides, the sides may be permanently discoloured.

What should I do if food sticks?

Steaks and other meats will stick on contact with hot pan. Do not attempt to turn them until they have browned. At that point, they will detach them until they have browned. At that point, they will detach themselves and can be turned easily with only the slightest resistance. The second side required less cooking than the first. Thick steaks, chops or hamburgers should be turned several times.

How do I release a cover that sticks to a pot?

Turn on the heat under the pot for a few minutes, and the cover will come off easily.

What do I do if the handles get too hot?

Flame heat from the burner should never be allowed to come up around the sides of the pan. Be sure to choose the correct burner size for the size pan being used. Never allow the handle of one pan to extend over an adjacent burner.

...Cuisinart Hand Blenders

Are blades difficult to remove?

Be careful and wrap the blade up in a towel or another soft material to remove. Use three fingers - thumb, pointer and middle fingers pull downward and they'll pull right off.

CSB-55. Blades don't stay on.

Make sure when locking in the blade, that you hear/feel a click. If there's no click, most likely they are not in correctly.

...Food Processors

How do I get perfect slices?

Cut a small flat base on one end of the fruit or vegetable you are slicing to prevent it from rolling or sliding in the feed tube. Place it flat side down on the slicing disc. It's best not to place the fruit or vegetable directly on top of the cutting edge. Also, position the food as far left as possible, to prevent it from tilting when being slice. If you are slicing long thin vegetables such as carrots or celery, cut them into lengths to stand in the feed tube and pack them tightly. If slicing a very hard food, such a pepperoni, cut into short lengths, about 2" high, and stand as many of these pieces as will fit in the feed tube so the pepperoni will not tilt when it is being sliced.

How can I adapt my favourite recipes to the food processor?

You can use your food processor for almost every food preparation task. You may need to change the order in which you use or add the ingredients in a recipe. A good rule of thumb is to use the dry or delicate ingredients, such as parsley, while the work bowl is clean and dry.

How do I keep liquid from leaking from the bottom of the bowl?

Be sure the metal blade is firmly seated in the bottom of the bowl. Remove the mixture as soon as you are done processing. Do not remove the blade first. When the blade and bowl are removed together, the blade drops down and forms a type of seal against the bowl.

Can you grind coffee beans in a food processor?

One of the few things a food processor cannot do is grind coffee beans. The best speed for food processing is too slow for grinding coffee beans. Also, the diameter of the bowl is too large so that the beans can fly to the side because of the centrifugal force. (But, you can grind coffee beans to a fine grind in the Cuisinart Mini-Mate TM Plus Chopper Grinder, especially made to grind, or chop small amounts of fresh ingredients or the Dual Whole Bean Grinder.

What is the best way to shred soft cheese like mozzarella?

Soft cheese must be well chilled. Use the medium shredding disc and, using very little pressure, just tap the pusher down to guide the cheese through the disc. Don't press on the pusher as you do for shredding carrots, for example.

Can I make a cake mix in my food processor?

Yes. If you have a standard size food processor (10 series, Basic or Classic models), insert the metal blade, and place the cake mix in the work bowl. Turn on the machine and pour eggs, oil and water through the feed tube while the machine is running. Process about 60 seconds. If you have a larger size food processor, place all ingredients in the work bowl and process for 15 seconds, stopping to scrape the bowl once.

Can I substitute whole-wheat flour in an all white flour bread recipe?

Yes. You can substitute up to 50% whole wheat flour for white flour in the bread recipe that is in your food processor instruction book. So, if your recipe calls for 4 cups all-purpose flour, you can use 2 cups whole-wheat flour plus 2 cups all-purpose.

Why is the pusher on the larger feed tube models designed so that it cannot be taken apart?

For safety reasons. With a disc in place and the feed tube area exposed without a pusher covering it. Someone could reach the rotating disc with his/her hand and be seriously injured. The non-removable pusher/sleeve assembly prevents this from happening.

Is it possible to sharpen the metal blade or slicing disc?

No, Because they have serrated edges. If the machine is in warranty, you should call the manufacturer.

...HealthSmart Grills

Is there an on/off switch as noted in the Use and Care Safeguards?

No. Then Use and Care Safeguards section covers standard UL requirements. These grills don't need an on/off switch. Simply disconnect the prong from the grill, then remove the cord from the outlet.

What are the 2 cooking surfaces?

A standard grilling surface and a solid surface.

What type of coating is on the grill?

The coating is an industry standard nonstick coating (fluorocarbon).

Is the unit dishwasher safe?

Yes, the grill and the drip tray (base) are dishwasher safe.

Can a degreaser be used to clean the grill?

Yes, and it makes clean up easier and does not harm the grill or base.


Can vinegar be used to clean the iron?

NO, use only clear water in the reservoir unless directed otherwise in the Use & Care instructions.

How do I clean the soleplate?

Care and cleaning of the soleplate: to protect the soleplate from scratches, never iron over buttons, zippers, metal rivets, or snaps. To clean starch build-up and other residue from the SilverStone soleplate (feature found on selected irons), unplug the iron and allow it to cool. With iron in upright position, clean the nonstick surface with a warm, sudsy cloth or sponge; wipe dry. DO NOT USE any abrasive cleaners or metal scouring pads as they may damage the nonstick surface.

How much do the full-size and lightweight irons weigh?

The full-size weighs about 2lbs.4oz. the lightweight iron weighs about 1lb.6oz.

Why does the light stay on when the unit is turned off?

The light is a power on light, and it will remain on while the unit is plugged into a power outlet. ALWAYS UNPLUG THE IRON AFTER USE.

How do I store the iron?

Store the iron in the upright position, never wrap the cord around the iron and empty all water from the iron. It is best not to store the iron in dust prone areas such as a laundry room where dust can settle in the opening of the water reservoir; dust will eventually cause blockage and prevent the iron from steaming.

What type of water should I use?

Tap water is recommended because it has minerals in it that actually "season" internal parts. However, in hard water areas, use a combination of bottle and tap water.

Why does the iron not glide over the material?

The iron must preheat for 5 minutes to allow the thermostat to stabilize, and it must be set on the proper temperature for the type of fabric you're ironing.

...Juice Extractors

Can I use vegetables as well as fruits in my Juice extractor?

Yes, vegetables can be used in the juice extractor.

Do I have to peel and take the seeds out of the fruit first?

It depends on the type of fruit. Citrus fruit must be peeled first; with all other types of fruit, it's not necessary. Also, only large pits found in certain fruits like peaches must be removed first.

Can I use frozen vegetables and fruits?

In order to achieve optimum juicing you should thaw your vegetables and fruits prior to juicing. Thawed vegetables and fruits product the most juice.

Do I have to stop periodically to let the motor cool down?

It is a good idea to allow the motor to cool during juicing. The main thing to do to optimize juicing is to ensure that the basket area and pulp bin are cleaned often, because this is what slows the juicer down and caused the motor to heat up.

How do I remove food stains from the juice extractor?

Acids in various foods will cause discolouration, this is normal. Add some bleach to dish water and allow external parts to soak. This will remove most stains.


How do I descale my kettle?

You could fill the kettle with 500ml of strong white vinegar and let it sit for 1 hour without boiling. OR Instead, boil 500ml of water, add 25g of citric acid, and let it sit for 15 minutes. After, discard the mixture and rinse the kettle with clean water five times before using. IMPORTANT Do not use other descaling agents such as those based on either formic or sulphaminic acid.

The inside of the kettle is brown or black.

In some areas where the water contains a high quantity of iron, the natural lime scale deposit inside your kettle can be tainted brown or black.

What do I do to keep my kettle in good condition?

Always pour out all the water used. Never forget to check that the immersal element or place at the bottom of the kettle is covered with water.

...Toasters Ovens

What position should the rack be in for toasting, baking, or broiling?

Toasting bread and frozen pastries - UP Toasting bagels and most baking - DOWN Broiling requires use of pan and broiling rack in the UP position.

Can I use Pyrex or glass baking dishes inside the oven?

Most manufacturers of glass ovenware do not recommend using their product in any type of toaster oven.

Can I use aluminum foil in the oven?

Yes, but do not allow it to come into contact with the heating elements. Do not use it to cover the crumb tray.


How can I prevent my bread from toasting unevenly?

Make sure that the bread slices are of the same thickness.

Why isn't the bread defrosting evenly?

Make sure the browning control is set for the correct type of baked goods. For thinner bread, pancakes, etc., use a lower setting number. For toaster pastries and French toast use a medium setting. For bagel, French Bread and thick French toast use at the highest setting.

How can I toast one slice of bread without causing it to burn?

When toasting one slice of bread, use a light setting.

Crumb tray won't slide out?

Try jiggling the lip of the crumb tray to dislodge any crumbs that may be stuck on the edges.

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